Camaro - 2mm - Fullsuit Titan (Open Cell/Titan)

Artikkelnummer:: 925781-72-Str-56/XXL
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• 2 mm SCS Titanium Open Cell material • seams glued and blind stitched • suit is reversible • waterproof & light • ideal as underwear • extremely elastic, razor-thin material • without a zip – fits like a 2nd skin • foot loop for optimal fit TITANIUM BASELAYER FITS LIKE A 2nd SKIN highly elastic & dry after shaking out only once for drying Material: SCS TITANIUM Open Cell Material warm, extra elastic & 100% dry Technology: no seams at all on the skin - fits like a 2nd skin, shake it out only once and it’s dry Facts: - reversible - suitable for diving, surfing, kayak and sailing - to wear underneath wetsuits - no zip – no pressure marks

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