C-Skins - 5/4mm - Legend FZ Junior - L/10år - Bluestone

NOK 1.799,00
Artikkelnummer:: C-LE54JCZ-Bluestone-L/10år
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The name says it all... The continually evolving Legend just gets better and better as the top end features found on the ‘Wired’ series filter their way down the line. Xtend neoprene through the upper body gives great stretch and freedom while paddling, and the True Thickness neoprene keeps you warmer than any other wetsuit available at this price level. • 30% Xtend neoprene — Flexible, lightweight, super hydrophobic external lining that has excellent multi-directional stretch • 70% Free Flex neoprene — Combines flexibility with durability; great in lower body areas prone to high wear and tear
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