Burton - Zipline Step On Kids

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220mm: 35 • 230mm: 36 • 240mm: 38 • 250mm: 40 | Bruk pakkeløsning og få rabatt når du kjøper boot og tilhørende binding.

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Burton Burton - Zipline Step On Kids
Burton - Step On Kids Binding Re:Flex
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The comfort and convenience of snowboarding's most intuitive binding connection meets the micro-adjustable BOA® Fit System in a soft flexing boot for the next step in kid-focused comfort and ease of use.

This is snowboarding's most intuitive boot-to-binding connection. Pair your Zipline Step On Boot with kids' Step On® binding for unprecedented performance and simplicity. Three connection points - two by the toe and one at the heel - deliver unmatched security and board control. Universally compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems, including 4x4, 3D®, and The Channel®.


LACINGBOA® Fit System uses an inner spool to route the laces for a snug fit and easy lace adjustment with the simple twist of a dial, New England Ropes use American-made fibers and are virtually indestructible, won't kink, and are easy to re-lace
FLEX / RESPONSEStep On® backstay features a connection point on the heel for a strapless boot-to-binding connection that offers unprecedented convenience and performance, 1:1 medium flex PowerUp tongue creates a snug fit between boot and tongue, eliminating the need to readjust while you ride
COMFORTSnow-proof internal gusset completely seals the lower zone of the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry
LINERYouth Imprint liner with integrated lacing, lace lock, stretchy Feetbelt strap tightens down the liner
CUSHIONINGSleeping bag reflective foil underfoot reflects heat back to the foot, improving both warmth and comfort in cold conditions
OUTSOLEStep On® outsole features toe cleats in the forefoot that securely fasten into the binding, EST® optimized midsole lowers your center of gravity and improves board feel without sacrificing comfort