Burton - Step-on − L (11-13)

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Artikkelnummer:: 19317283103-Volts-L
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The 2020 Men's Step On Bindings are looking sharper than ever. The days of sitting down in the snow to fasten your straps are finally over. All you have to do now is "step on" these bindings with your Burton Step On Boots, and you're ready to ride! • With three color options, these bindings match any board and set of Burton Step On Boots. These bindings are designed for all snowboard terrains to keep your adventure limitless. Additionally, the Men's Burton Step On Bindings offer medium flex for your riding preference and comfort support. • These snowboard bindings are for dedicated riders hoping to save time on the slopes. Nothing is worse than a loose binding strap that interrupts your board control, so the Step On Bindings allow riders to lock right in with a simple step. Not to mention this product is compatible with all major mounting systems.
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