Burton - Custom X 2022

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Allround brett for deg som mener alvor • Get pro-caliber speed and precision with the most aggressive board in Burton's lineup.

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Burton Burton - Custom X 2022
Bent Metal - Transfer 2022 - Black/White
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Pro-caliber is a strong statement for any board, but the men's Burton Custom X Snowboard has repeatedly delivered for snowboarding's most demanding riders due to precise design and powerful drive. The confidence is in the tech, which includes the carbon-fueled snap of Squeezebox High core profiling, a competition-grade base, and 45° Carbon Highlights High-Voltage for the ultimate in lightweight responsiveness. The hardest charging board we make, the Custom X is available in two versions: Choose the power of camber or the float and catch-free feel of Flying V.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: Sometimes we get stuck in our little compartments. My country, my town, my house, yada-yada. Truth is…we are all floating on a tiny blue marble in the middle of a universe that is incomprehensibly vast and expanding. For a board that has no limits, we felt this graphic was fitting.