Bravo - BST 12 KITE Pump 11,6 PSI m/batteri

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Nyeste pumpa fra Bravo med innebygd batteri. Høyt nok trykk til all slags kiter. Totrinns pumpe - genial sak som pumper 450 liter i minuttet til et par PSI som slår over til 120 liter når motstanden blir stor. (eller andre oppblåsbare ting som trenger under 12 PSI) – The pressure can be regulated and the inflator stops automatically when the selected pressure has been reached – They are equipped with rechargeable batteries of 7.5 Ah that guarantee an autonomy of 15/20 minutes when fully charged – Cable for connecting to vehicle by means of a plug for the cigarette lighter that makes it possible to recharge the battery – Tube complete with couplings for the most common valves – Carry bag with shoulder strap that also holds all the accessories – Equipped with an anti-sand filter – Battery recharge with car in function 4-5 hours – Battery recharge from the wall plug 8-12 hours – Recommended for medium and large size kites. – It also works with small valves without the risk of STOP and GO. – It is faster because it is equipped with 2 modules (turbine and pistons) with automatic cutover. – Weight: 4.8 Kg BST 12 KITE 6130029 18x18x28 cm 12V DC 20 A max 120 l/min 450 l/min 800 mbar (11.6 psi)
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