Bent Metal - Axtion 2022 - Blue/Yellow

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Flex: 6/10 - Medium

The AXTION is a team driven, performance enhanced all mountain go to. Featuring the responsive Dual Band (Dyadic Construction) ankle strap that fuses flex and power for maximum comfort and response. Add to that a super comfy Grip Form toe strap, a uni-body nylon chassis and a solid asymmetric high back for increased rigidity and you’re looking at top to bottom performance, comfort and reliability all day long. Get some AXTION!

Art by Forest Bailey
Forest Bailey’s signature AXTION model features his bold art in a poppy mismatched colorway to complement his all mountain, all park, all pow, all rail, all backcountry... ALL EVERYTHING approach to snowboarding. The Uni-Body nylon chassis, solid asymmetric high back and upgraded Dual Band ankle strap help fuse flex and power so Forest can fuse the fun and keep blowing our minds by the minute.

Size Boot Size
S US M 5-8
M US M 8-11
L US M 11-14