AFS - Nahskwell Fly 7'4 155liter 223cm, 8,9kg Double US + Deep Tuttle wingfoil

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Artikkelkode NSFLY740292
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Supert brett til wingfoiling og Sup foiling. 155liter Specially developed for foiling - let's discover the FLY range! A completely new generation of boards designed to complement the latest designs of Surf-Foils from not just AFS, but a wide range of other companies, as we have fitted them with universal twin box mounting system for Plate Head Foils. Compact and with a large volume, their stability/start/take-off ratio is maximised. Bevelled rails work perfectly in carving and when touching the water surface in slow downs. The slight concave on the deck side brings more comfort and improves your control of the board in manoeuvres. The 5'6" model is also tuned to be completely suitable for Kite Foiling and all 3 models have been thoroughly tested to work really well with Wingfoils. They come ready set up to take 2 footstraps on the boards centreline which can be angled or offset to suit left and right hand breaks, or rider preference if you wish to fit straps - Straps are not supplied as standard, as our team prefer the freedom of strapless riding enhanced by the slightly concave deck, and we would encourage you to try the boards this way, but we have screws and straps readily available if required. We are a pioneer of foiling since 2006, so the FLY series benefits from our many years of experience, designed to excel in all conditions, being developed and thoroughly tested in Brest and the waters around this iconic location on the North French Coast. Specs Tech Specs: Model: Fly 7'4" Length: 7'4" (223cm) Width: 30.33" Volume: 155lt Weight*: 8.9Kg Technology: OSS PVC Carbon Fins Boxes: Double US box 150mm long, pitched at 90mm wide to accept most plate head foils