PARTIKJØP! 7S, Super Fish Clear, Fibre Flex 44L

NOK 6.999,00 NOK 4.999,00
Artikkelnummer:: 001Q-0600-12-FF68
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Our most popular board, the Super Fish has been updated to increase both performance and durability. The new bottom contour - a deep single to double concave provides extra drive and quicker planning due to increased lift. This is great for adding speed to an already fast shape. The wings are more defined as well, increasing release off the tail and further increasing the board speed. The swallow tail is shallower than before and increases surface area allowing better tail release when you want it. This board still features the step deck design that gives this board a massive buoyancy advantage yet you still have performance rails to allow the board to turn on rail easily. The tail on the board also has a new extra glass layer and bead layed around the edge. The 5 plug option with 5 FCS fins included ( a tri and quad Set) , give you the versatility you want right out of the box. The Super Fish II is available in traditional Polyester with a traditional board feel and will soon be available in our new PE, a super white board that feels new longer, X-2 for the ultimate in durability, and the new FF carbon rail for the most responsive experience.

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