7S - Slip Stream - 6'6 - 37L - FCS II

NOK 6.499,00 NOK 3.899,00
Artikkelnummer:: 7S-SLIPCV-0606-BLU
Tilgjengelighet: På lager

Merke: 7S

Modell: Slip Stream

Lengde: 6'6

Volum: 37,25L

Mål:20 3/4 - 2 5/8

Konstruksjon:Carbon Vector

Finne set-up: 5-fin FCS II

The all-new 7S Slipstream is a one-board quiver that will adapt to a range of conditions from mushy beach breaks to surfing down the line point waves. This board is a true hybrid, both from a design perspective and by definition of its performance. OUTLINE: Front half resembles a modern fish and is great for generating speed and acceleration when driving off your front foot. The back half resembles a traditional shortboard with a refined outline and a forgiving round tail for smooth, yet controlled rail transitions. CONTOURS: Subtle single-to-double concave with vee out through the tail delivers a balance of speed and flow over flatter sections, and responsiveness in hollow waves. ROCKER: Low-to-moderate rocker is designed to offer immediate acceleration from the take off, and still allow the board to fit into more critical parts of the wave. FOIL: Refined foil and the performance rail profile complete the design package by adding a very sensitive and responsive feel on the wave. FINS: The Slipstream comes with an FCSII Reactor M thruster set. Regarded as the most user-friendly hybrid model on the market, the 7S Slipstream not only makes performance surfing easy, but it will give your wave riding a whole new perspective

6'6'' 20 3/4'' 2 5/8'' 37.25 ltr FCSII Reactor M (3) 85kg / 187lb

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