7S - 6'6 Super Fish 3 PE B-grade

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Artikkelnummer:: 7S-SF3PE-0606
Tilgjengelighet: På lager

Merke: 7S

Modell: SuperFish

Lengde: 6'6"

Volum: 40

Konstruksjon: Innegra Matrix

Finne set-up: 5-Fins FCS II

B-grade betyr at brettet er en 2 sorting, det har da kosmetiske feil som ikke påvirker ytelsen. Og prisen blir eksepsjonellt lav. 

The 7S Super Fish 3 Surfboard allows you to link turns and learn to carve harder while still getting stability and full paddle power. Always a summer favorite, this highly functional board has been completely overhauled to make it faster, more forgiving and ultra responsive. While different from its predecessors in design, the SF3 still catches waves like a dream and offers the perfect balance of stability, speed and performance so you can get the most out of your surfing. Parallel rails and extra width through the nose provides a really stable platform to work from and generate speed. The tail outline tapers to maintain overall maneuverability, and the flyer creates a release point when performing turns. The swallow tail also adds bite especially in smoother conditions. A lively single-to-double concave provides great down-the-line speed, and sensitivity off the tail when transitioning from rail-to-rail. The rocker is well balanced, with just enough flip in the entry to prevent nose-diving in steeper waves. Moderate curve out the tail keeps the board responsive when driving off your back foot. There is plenty of volume under the chest that extends to the nose and tail providing paddle power so you can get into waves early. Full rails keep the board sitting nice and high in the water. This versatile, high volume fish will allow you to really maximize your time in the water and progress steadily to the next level of performance. Details CONCAVE: Single-Double RAILS: Neutral Rails WAVE HEIGHT: 1-6ft Waves SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced VOLUME: 40 L FIN CONFIGURATION: Tri-Quad with FCS II boxes FINS: Sorry, no fins included. Shop for Fins Here! CONSTRUCTION: CV Construction Carbon Vector (CV) construction delivers unmatched performance by harnessing the flex characteristics of epoxy and the strength of carbon. CV combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a distinctive carbon fiber webbing, (positioned on the bottom and around the rails). The carbon fiber webbing serves to evenly distribute tension across the entire surface area of the board to produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with remarkable memory recall. The biaxial fiberglass on the deck serves to add strength and also help prevent delaminating. CV boards feel fast, light and highly responsive in all conditions. Created by GSI to compliment a range of board models and designs, this construction has proven to have superior flex properties over their other board technologies by up to 20%.

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